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Adventure Stories Planning

Primary 4 used Sketch Nation this afternoon to help with planning their adventure stories.


Fantastic afternoon meeting our new class mates.

Primary 4 Maths

Primary 4 set up their classroom outside again today for their maths lesson.

What a Day

Primary 4 working on their team building skills whilst making the most of today’s beautiful weather.


Primary 4 have been enjoying some Theraplay activities this morning.

Multiplication in Primary 4

Here’s Jak demonstrating to the class how to multiply a 1-digit number by a 2-digit number. Great work Jak 👍🏻

Russia World Cup 2018

Primary 4 are getting excited about the World Cup starting today. This morning we made personal Match Attax cards and then used our maths skills to add our ratings.

Multiplication in Primary 4

Primary 4 have been using different methods to solve multiplication problems.

A Sailor Went to Sea

What a lovely way to start our day.

The Aztecs

This morning Primary 4 have been exploring what life was like for the Aztecs. They looked at Aztec art, made temples using Minecraft and even made human sacrifices.