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Final writing for Year 7

We have now finished our final writing piece. We tried very hard to use connectives to make our sentences more interesting and we contrasted our life as a homeless person to the life we used to live.

We are very proud of our achievements!

Joanne visits KS3 to talk career

We had a brief introduction to future careers and employability today. Joanne came to explain to us some of the things employers are looking for in a person: punctuality, honesty, enthusiasm etc.

We certainly showed her we were already half way there! Our future looks bright!

From good to better!

We added connectives and extended sentences to our writing today to make it better and more interesting. Well done to Mikey who tried to improve every sentence. I am looking forward to reading the final draft!

Drama lesson based on homelessness

Claire came to our class today to do a drama lesson based on homelessness. We first had to talk to her as a homeless person. She gave us names. We became the homeless people. We imagined what the noises would be like on the streets and how difficult it would be to try to sleep.

Year 7 emotional literacy lesson

Today we slept on the floor, we only had one item for comfort, we were surrounded by the deafening sound of busy cities and we had people constantly walking around us, screaming and ignoring us. This made us feel very uncomfortable and gave us an insight into homeless people’s lives. We can now understand how it feels!