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Year 7 Community Day

We had a great day today! We took all our donations to the Red Cross charity shop, we went to sample some play equipment at Sutcliffe Park and as a treat we had a game of football at Nostell Priory. Well done Year 7 , you have been awesome!

Year 6 visit their new classroom

Year 6 had a good transition afternoon with work, sensory toy making, team work and rewards! We ll done Year 6.

Year 7 having fun whilst learning science facts!

Chelsea and Mark visit Year 7

Today we had a visit from Chelsea and Mark from Barnsley Council Youth Voice and Participation Team. They got to know us and they are very much looking forward to working with us next year, and we are looking forward to them coming back!

Careers Fair 2018

What a fantastic opportunity we had today! The careers fair took place at Springwell. We had providers such as Barnsley Football Club, The Army, Barnsley College, TIAG etc. Some pupils even took part in army drills.

Thank you to all providers and all classes and AAs for attending. I am sure all pupils found out a lot of information about potential future careers.

Making model dens….

Year 7 thought about what materials a homeless person would use to build a den to get away from the inclement weather. They then built model dens.

Sensory toy making in Year 7

This morning we made some sensory balloons with rice. Next week we will try flour and the week after sand. This way we will be able to compare how it feels with different fillings.

Refu-Tea coffee morning at Springwell

We had a great time this morning sharing a cup of tea and a bun for a good cause. It was lovely to see parents, pupils and staff getting together and being very generous. A special thank you to all bakers, fakers and helpers for making this happen.

Baking for our Refu-Tea event on Wednesday

Year 7 have been very busy this afternoon baking buns for the Refu-Tea event on Wednesday. Tomorrow we will decorate them and sell them with a lovely cup of tea!

Well done Year 7 for your baking skills and your team work!

Terry from the Drop In project visits Springwell

Today we were very fortunate to meet Terry who helps run a soup kitchen for homeless people in Barnsley. He talked to us about the reasons people become homeless and he described to us what they do for these people 3 times a week.

Thank you Terry for helping us understand the predicament of homeless people better!