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More Christmas Treats from Highfields

Continuing with our Christmas themed cooking lessons, the students at Highfields Alternative Academy made chocolate fudge  topped with either crunchie or mint aero.  Not sure if they’ll have any left for Christmas!

Christmas Baking

It’s that time of year again, Christmas!!!  Here at Highfields we have made Melting Snowman biscuits.

Community Day

On community day pupils and staff attended ‘Darfield All Saints Church’ The aim of the day is to work together to give back to the community that we live in. To make a difference. Everyone   worked extremely hard, edging paths, cutting back overgrown shrubs, weeding. It was an immensely productive day. You can certainly see from our before and after photographs.                                               


During Elements at Highfields, our pupils have been looking at Lincs2Nepal, the school, their culture and food.

Cirque DU Freak

blog final image

During our Cirque DU Freak lessons Miss Holliday and Thomas have created a 4-dimensional display board. We think it looks amazing, hope you do too?

Cirque DU Freak

blog final image

As part of our English lesson on Cirque DU Freak, Thomas and Miss Holliday created a 4-dimensional display board. It looks pretty amazing, we hope you think so too?

Cirque Du Freak

blog final image

During our English lesson on Cirque Du Freak myself and Thomas created a 4 dimensional display. We think it looks pretty amazing, hope you think so too?

Silhouette Collage

silhouette for blogsecond image for the blog

Within SEAL we have been covering Self Awareness and the 5 themes within the topic. The first is ‘Who am I? We decided to cut out a silhouette, so that we could build up a collage of our likes and dislikes. I’m sure you’ll agree they are pretty awesome!!

Mindfulness Glitter Jar

Some of our students created a glitter jar. The students chose 2 different colours of glitter to represent feelings, they also added various beads etc to add a different dimension. The aim of the jar is to help the students focus,when they have lots of thoughts and emotions running through their head. The glitter swirling around and then falling to the bottom of the jar represents a feeling of calm, being able to see things more clearly.glitter jars ready to put on blog

Highfields PE

highfields pe lesson

Highfields pupils being put through their paces in last Thursday’s PE lesson. The girls used the hoops as a warm up exercise before moving onto gymnastics.