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New Outdoor Learning Project!

KirkBalk AA’s Allotment!

An exciting project has been launched down at KirkBalk Alternative Academy. The students have made a great start and have managed to get it looking amazing already.

We are networking with local businesses in Barnsley, that are willing to provide us with resources to support our ongoing project.

If you have access to Twitter and are interested in staying updated on our outdoor learning project give us a follow: @KirkbalkAA




Merry Christmas from Springwell @ Kirk Balk


Father Christmas visited us all this morning!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Kirk Balk AA!


SEAL @ Kirk Balk

During SEAL at Kirk Balk, we have talked a lot about anxiety and stress, especially at school. We designed an anxiety scale to stick on our desks to help us. It starts with the green section at “I am feeling great!” and going up to the red section which is “I’m about to explode!”

We can use these to let staff know how we are feeling.


Today Springwell @ Kirk Balk welcomed Jas Singh back! In the past, Jas has talked to us about first impressions, prejudice and racism. Today was slightly different! We talked about community and kindness. We thought about what brings people together, what makes us all unique and what things we needed to be a community.

As a class, we have created the “Communitree” masterpiece! The trunk represents the things that bring us all together, the branches represent our individuality and each leaf is what we think we need in order to be a community.


Lest We Forget ❀

Today at Kirk Balk AA we had a lesson on Remembrance day.

We talked about what it represented, how the lives of so many people were affected and why we should pay our respects. Pupils had fantastic attitudes towards this and together created a beautiful acrostic poem along with some pictures.

NCFE Art @ Kirk Balk

During Art at Kirk Balk we are working on the topic ‘Graffiti’ and have started to create our own tags with a background using the colour blend technique.

E Safety @ Kirk Balk


As it was World Mental Health awareness day on 10th October, we have been talking about mental health as a PRU. Here is our new display wall to help fight the stigma against mental health.

J + E’s Burger Bar!

Kirk Balk had a fantastic afternoon making burgers for everyone during hospitality!

Take a look at our picture.

Biking Bonanza!

On Tuesday, pupils at Kirk Balk enjoyed an amazing afternoon in Doncaster out on the bikes! They faced terrifying jumps, enormous hills and fantastic trails!


Big thank you to Mr Gater for taking us, and to Mr Cadman for showing the pupils how its done – and for having the best DAB of the day!!