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Year 11 co-operative learning 

Some fantastic co-operative learning taking place today during English.

Year 11 English 

Today, year 11 looked at the channel 4 TV show “The undateables”. After watching a video clip they discussed whether the show was a positive or negative production. Some fantastic speaking and listening enabled a great class discussion.

Year 11 maths

Today year 11 carried out an independent end of unit test. Every child showed a mature attitude and used a growth mindset in order to complete the test. Well done boys. 

Year 11 Art

Great atmosphere in this weeks double GCSE art lesson.

Year 11 Maths

Year 11 working extremely hard in preparation for their GCSE’s. Some great co-operative learning was also evident between Joshua and James. 

Year 11 pumpkin carving

This week year 11 carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds in salt and chilli.

Year 11 English

During English, Miss Maw used immersive learning to create a fun and engaging learning environment, to prepare the pupils for their upcoming creative writing task. 

Year 11 maths activity.

Before their construction lesson, year 11 carried out an activity to improve their fine motor skills. The task included using chopsticks to move as many cheerios from one plate to another in a one minute time limit. 

Year 11 P.E

P.E is one of year 11’s favourite lessons. Here is year 11 working on their basketball skills. 

Year 11 nurture

Some of the year 11 boys burning off energy during nurture breakfast.