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Class 3 Display

Class 3 produced recounts of their visit to The National Coal Mining Museum and newspaper reports about the disaster at The Huskar Pit. Some of their efforts are displayed in the classroom.

Class 3 Long Division

After just one lesson, Ripley and Olivia demonstrated the process of solving a long division sum. By teaching the process to their peers they are more likely to remember it.

Class 3 Visit the site of the Huskar Pit disaster

On 4 July 1838 26 children were drowned in a freak accident at Huskar Pit, Silkstone Common near Barnsley. The youngest child miner was 8 years old. Class 3 visited the site of the accident and went to see the commemorative window and stone monument in the Parish Church in Silkstone.

World Book Day

Our rescheduled World Book Day took place on 22 March because snow stopped us from celebrating on the original date. Class 3 could choose to dress up as a book character or come in their pyjamas (because everyone likes a story at bedtime). We also had a visit from Maxwell Southern who told stories from his homeland of Ghana. As well as stories, Maxwell also taught some pupils how to use his drums.

Class 3 making, tossing and eating pancakes

Our RE topic this half term is the Christian festival of Easter. We started today by looking at Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent.

Stop Animal Cruelty

Tilly is passionate about taking care of animals and produced a great poster condemning cruelty to animals.

Class 3 Phonics

Jack and Tilly are practising their Phonics by drawing and writing words on the table.

Class 3 Hogarth’s Diaries

Class 3 discussed what Hogarth must have felt when he saw The Iron Man for the first time.

Here are examples of their diaries.

The Iron Man

Class 3 created ‘ sound’ poems after reading Chapter 1 of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Year 3 Chess

The craze in Class 3 at the moment is Chess. Pupils play regularly in their playtimes. Today they held a mini tournament.