Monthly Archives: July 2018

Space Hulk

The alien infested spacecraft drifts toward civilian planets,  the ship must be stopped!  Pupils from Ms Maw’s class are playing the full campaign after school on Thursday!

Fantastic community day! 

Year 10 went to work at Cannon Hall in Barnsley, they worked great as a team with Dan and the Cannon hall ground keepers.

Everyone worked great, awesome ambassadors for the school and wider community, keep up the good work in Y11.We are looking towards liking up with Dan and the Cannon Hall team in the future for our Duke of Edinburgh qualification.

Year 7 Community Day

We had a great day today! We took all our donations to the Red Cross charity shop, we went to sample some play equipment at Sutcliffe Park and as a treat we had a game of football at Nostell Priory. Well done Year 7 , you have been awesome!

Year 6 visit their new classroom

Year 6 had a good transition afternoon with work, sensory toy making, team work and rewards! We ll done Year 6.

Year 7 having fun whilst learning science facts!

Weather Mobiles Primary 1

Adventure Stories Planning

Primary 4 used Sketch Nation this afternoon to help with planning their adventure stories.

Chelsea and Mark visit Year 7

Today we had a visit from Chelsea and Mark from Barnsley Council Youth Voice and Participation Team. They got to know us and they are very much looking forward to working with us next year, and we are looking forward to them coming back!