Daily Archives: June 12, 2018

Springwell @ Forest

Last week, the children had a scavenger hunt around the centre, trying to find as many facts about Mexico as they could.

This week, we decided to test their memories to see how much they remembered…

Quite a lot!

Springwell @ Forest

Another task has been sent from the Global Protection Force!

The children had to complete an Agent Profile ASAP, so that they could start receiving missions.

Joanne visits KS3 to talk career

We had a brief introduction to future careers and employability today. Joanne came to explain to us some of the things employers are looking for in a person: punctuality, honesty, enthusiasm etc.

We certainly showed her we were already half way there! Our future looks bright!

Anyone for pizza?

We are starting out fractions topic with pizza work. If your pizza was cut into 8 equal slices and you took 3/8 slices, what would be the remaining amount as a fraction?

This is how we worked it out: