Monthly Archives: June 2018

Emma working hard in DofE 

Emma has been working hard in her Duke of Edinburgh qualification, learning new craft skills, raising awareness for a charity of her choice.

Settled morning in Year 10

Year ten has almost come to an end, the class are getting ready for the next step on their learning journey… working hard in Year 11

Primary 4 Maths

Primary 4 set up their classroom outside again today for their maths lesson.

Making model dens….

Year 7 thought about what materials a homeless person would use to build a den to get away from the inclement weather. They then built model dens.

What a Day

Primary 4 working on their team building skills whilst making the most of today’s beautiful weather.

Sensory toy making in Year 7

This morning we made some sensory balloons with rice. Next week we will try flour and the week after sand. This way we will be able to compare how it feels with different fillings.


Primary 4 have been enjoying some Theraplay activities this morning.

An amazing week for Y10! Students overcoming their social anxiety by volunteering at the RefuTea event, playing games together during Nurture and taking part in Duke of Edinburgh activities. Well done everyone!

Maths in Primary 1