Monthly Archives: April 2018

Art lesson in Year 7

Today we made crowns in the style of Julius Caesar’s. We enjoyed wearing them too.

Minecraft is used to build a scene from Julius Caesar

What a lot of work year 7 have done this afternoon!

Lowry painting

In Primary 3 we are trying to paint in the style of L.S. Lowry. We have looked at and drawn the background buildings, today we added background washes and started filling in the distant buildings. Next lesson we will add the buildings in the foreground. Watch this space.

Coal mine poems

Primary 2 have been working hard to produce these fantastic acrostic poems about coal mining.

Primary 2’s acrostic poems

Springwell @ Forest

On Tuesday, we visited the National Coal Mining Museum. The children learnt all about the conditions down in the pits. Everyone had a fantastic day out 😊

Primary 4 Poetry

The pupils in Primary 4 produced some fantastic poems about coal mines during the Victorian times.

Celebrations in Year 7

We celebrated Ashton’s birthday today. We hope you have a great day!

Primary 4 Miners

This afternoon the pupils in class 4 went mining for coal (LEGO). They experienced what it was like to work down the mines as trappers, putters and drawers.

Year 7 sample food from Italy

We tried some food from Italy such as pasta, Parma ham, olives, mozzarella cheese, Panettone etc. we were not too keen on the olives!