Monthly Archives: November 2017

The Dog Detective Agency

The Dog Detective Agency received news of another sighting of Patch. We were sent a box with some evidence in. From the evidence we worked out that he must have been in seen in ………………………….

We then began our research.

Y10 having a top week!

Year 10 have been working hard in class, they are really trying to get on with each other and have patience when things don’t go to plan using a growth mindset!

Diary entry- Shmuel writes about his feelings

Shmuel has been keeping a diary of his days in a concentration camp.

Archery at Springwell

A handful of classes took part in an archery class with Paralympic gold medalist and world champion Danielle Brown, she kindly gave some tips to our pupils and even brought her medals with her!!

Year 8 SEAL

Year 8 pupils took part in the balloon race challenge. They showed great cooperation and communication skills.

Year 8 Elements

Year 8 pupils experienced what it was like in the concentration camps in WW2. They were made to work by Nazi soldiers. They were only given half a slice of bread and a cup of water.

Year 8 Refugee Council

Year 8 met some people from the refugee council. They discussed what a refugee and asylum seeker are and how they might feel coming to our country and they wrote them a message of support.

Building bridges and tanks

Primary four had an excellent time in Design Technology today. The class worked really hard towards completing their projects including mini suspension bridges, WW2 tanks and even a Furby. Great work everyone !

The story of Anne Frank

Anne Frank “visited” our Elements lesson today and told us a lot of facts about her life. We took some notes and answered some tricky questions.

Year 7 learn about refugees

Sarah and her friends came today to explain to us some of the great difficulties refugees face. We showed great empathy!