Daily Archives: October 12, 2017

Tackling racism in Year 10 

We have been looking at labelling people and using racial stereotypes in citizenship, some of the Y10 team have been really honest with themselves and understand that they have used racist comments in the past but realise it is not kind.

Here are a few pupils thoughts after our class .

Year 7 building challenge

Year 7 were given the challenge of building a rocket out of Blu Tack and cocktail sticks. As well as developing team work, they created some amazing pieces of engineering! Well done!

Reading Time in Primary 1

Opening minds week Y10, tackling racist stereotypes and language!

Some people use racial stereotypes, names, insults to label people of all races…it will never be ignored in Y10 racial stereotypes can also foster feelings of hate and aggression that might lead to a false sense of superiority. For those individuals who have power, this can lead to their engaging in discriminatory and racist practices.