Daily Archives: October 3, 2017

Primary 4 develop friendship skills

Pupils in Primary 4 have done a lot of work around friendships and what makes a good or a not so good friend. They can now apply these skills and be better friends themselves.

Year 7 therapy session

Some year 7 have really enjoyed their therapy session today from wearing body socks to crawling through a Lycra tunnels. Well done to all involved.

Year Eight English 

Year eight pupils have been commissioned by the British Government to research and write a report about each planet in the solar system to see which is the most viable to live on. The pupils are delivering their findings to the committee tomorrow.

Keeping afloat

Primary 4 have been sailing through their elements island topic, constructing rafts and experimenting with different materials. It has been a pleasure to see the class develop their teamwork and creativity through designing and building these superb crafts.