Monthly Archives: October 2017

Year 8 Baking 

Year 8 pupils earnt baking and cooking bacon sandwiches as a reward for having a great week. 

Dylan bakes treacle cake for his classmates

This term we have been concentrating on helping each other and being kind to each other. During his baking session Dillon wanted to be kind to the class and baked a big treacle cake for us all to share. Thank you for your kindness Dillon. 

Year 8 SEAL 

Pupils worked in pairs to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. Pupils worked well together, they showed great team work and resilience. 

Message in a Bottle 

Primary 4 have been working hard all week to plan their message in a bottle writing. Firstly we received a message from a person who was stranded on an island. We then discussed the things we would write on a message if we were stranded before planning and writing our own. 

Times Tables

Primary 4 have been working hard on their times tables.

Class 3 Minecraft Club

See, we can play without arguing!

Year 7. Is it Bradford Museum

We had a great day looking round the museum and having a really close look at Tim Peake’s capsule.

Year 8 Elements 

Year 8 pupils are busy designing their ideal planets. We watched clips of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Wall E and the Jetsons for inspiration. 

Year 11 maths

Today year 11 carried out an independent end of unit test. Every child showed a mature attitude and used a growth mindset in order to complete the test. Well done boys. 

Year 11 Art

Great atmosphere in this weeks double GCSE art lesson.