Monthly Archives: July 2017

Community Day

On community day pupils and staff attended ‘Darfield All Saints Church’ The aim of the day is to work together to give back to the community that we live in. To make a difference. Everyone   worked extremely hard, edging paths, cutting back overgrown shrubs, weeding. It was an immensely productive day. You can certainly see from our before and after photographs.                                               

Our Viking Sagas

This is the process we followed to produce our sagas.  We started with an immersive experience where we simulated a Viking experience. Next we ‘mapped’ it and produced a visual representation of the experience.  After doing lots of practice and playing with words we all produced our sagas.

Year 9 Careers

As part of our careers topic year 9 had a trip to look round Barnsley College today.  They were impressed with the excellent facilities and it got them thinking about what they want to do when they leave school.