Monthly Archives: June 2017

Careers Morning

This morning Springwell held its second careers morning.  As part of our careers topic in PSHE pupils from KS3 and 4 and some pupils from our Alternative Academies visited different stalls, took part in activities and chatted to professionals about their futures.  There were lots of different further education and apprenticeship providers (Barnsley College, Brathay, aspire Igen etc.) there for pupils to chat to and get advice from.

The army were there and put the pupils through their paces with some drill.  The pupils loved it and it was great to see pupils from the Alternative Academies and school working together and showing great team work.  It was a very successful morning.

Two of our immersive experiences

After we had received a message from Odin asking for help to find his magic staff Gungnir we received a clue telling us to travel to Britain.  We got our longship ready and set sail.  After surviving a terrible storm we landed in England. We met the leaders of a Saxon village called Barnby.  They gave us our next clue. 

Class 3 Planning Sagas

Class 3 are writing Viking sagas as their writing assignment this half term.  They started by acting out a journey across the North Sea to Britain.  This helps them to imagine how the vikings would have felt.