Monthly Archives: May 2017

Mendhi patterns

As part of our work on Ramadan, we have all had Mendhi patterns on our hands and made a contribution to the links to Nepal.

Cooking curry at Springwell @ Forest!

Today we have been having some fun cooking curry after a fantastic settled week.

Astronaut Tim Peake makes contact with Springwell.

Alien spends the day in Springwell.

Primary when had a little visitor today. He was upset because he wanted to get back to his planet. Primary 1 tried their best to make him smile. 🚀 

Land of Ice and Snow

Visit Tilly’s land of ice and snow.  It will numb your fingers and make you shiver. Brrrrr.

Land Inside a Body

Would you dare go to Inside a Body Land with Terrell. 

Candie Land

Come with Charlie to Candie Land. Eat the factory wall, smell the candy in the air.

Chocolate Land

Cameron has written his story about Chocolate Land. meet the marshmallow dog and go to the strawberry castle.

Visit Animal Land

Jake has imagined Animal Land at the top of the Faraway Tree. Lions eat eat with knives and forks here!

Sweet Land

Andrew has written about Sweet Land. I would like to visit the gingerbread house.