Monthly Archives: March 2017

Primary 4

Pet tallies and graphs

We have been doing data handling looking at the pets in primary. We made tallies, made graphs and answered questions.

Feeding mice

We know what to feed pet mice. Our leaflets let you know.

Primary 4’s Skeleton Display

Open Minds

We have been thinking about relationships. What are they? Who do we have them with? 

We made timelines to show our relationships.

Pop Art!

After researching about Pop Art, Primary 4 decided to create their own, based on our Elements topic ‘Pets’. 

Primary 4’s Lego Therapy!

We saw some fantastic group work yesterday and they made some cracking contraptions as well. 😊

Primary 1 2d and 3d Shape Food

In maths today, we sorted food into 2d shapes and 3d shapes. We discussed 3D shape properties using our new words, vertices, edges and faces.  As a reward for all our hard work, we got to eat our tasty treats and have an ice team in our 3D cones.

Team work in Year 7

The ultimate challenge: Charles and Diana’ s engagement gigsaw. Jamie and Corey are up to the 300 pieces challenge! They are working  as a team, I cannot wait to see the finished picture!