Daily Archives: February 9, 2017

YEAR 10 – DT

The year 10 boys adding the finishing touches to their GCSE theory work. 

Photos of the finished curry!

Class 3 PSHCE Lesson

Following a lesson about India, Olivia, Jack and Dylan prepared and served a delicious curry. 

Year 10 reading

One of the most relaxing times in year 10 is during quiet reading. Every child is silent and engaged in a book of their choice. Well done boys. 

Year 10 Hospitality

The year 10 boys working hard to prepare the decorations for their up and coming Valentine’s Day event.

Year 10 SEAL – Bushtucker trial.

In SEAL this week year 10 worked in teams in order to win class prizes. Their task was to challenge themselves in a bush tucker trial and encourage each other to try things they wouldn’t usually eat. First up was the beanboozle challenge in which the two teams ate different flavoured jelly beans, some pleasant tasting such as blueberry and others not so pleasant tasting such as stinky socks. Up next we’re the bonus rounds which included meal worms, locusts and cockroaches. A great team spirit was shown by all.

Primary 1 Story Writing: The children wrote about their immersive battle with the fierce dragon. They used their picture boards and oral rehearsal recordings to write their sentences.