Monthly Archives: February 2017

Year 9 Elements

Year 9 pupils watched a film about key events that happened in the 1980s. They did a timed pair share afterwards. Then they explored objects and games from the 80s as an introduction to their new Elements topic. 

Year 7 went back in time today to introduce our new topic: the 80’s. They enjoyed playing with toys, watching news from 1980 and listening to music.

Year 10 P.E

The year 10 boys playing a brilliant game of rounders and quick cricket this morning. 


As a reward for improved behaviour and self-regulation Josh Lang was allowed to fetch in his drone. Josh very kindly allowed his class mates to also have a go. A brilliant nurture activity with the children sharing and supporting each other.

Writing our stories

We used puppet pals to plan our stories.

Italian Afternoon

Class 3 spent the afternoon learning about Italy.  They practised some Italian words, identified important landmarks and finished off by making these delicious pizzas.

Thinking about feelings

We used eyes and mouth masks to explore feelings.

What happens when you die?

We are writing ghost stories so wondered what people thought. This was a difficult thing to talk about. We all had our ideas about what happens, what do you think?

Year 10 Science!

The year 10 boys all working hard in preparation for their GCSE’s.

Happy birthday Mr Baker! 

Year 10 would like to wish a very happy birthday to Mr Baker. We hope you enjoyed your birthday and our Valentine’s Day event.