Monthly Archives: January 2017

Reasons for settlement lesson! Primary 4 had to find an appropriate place for their castle. They also enjoyed the ‘find the country’ starter activity. 

Today Primary 4 have been consolidating their learning by challenging each other with different Area and Perimeter questions! 


Kirk Balk AA have been using DAFOREST to produce some fantastic letters in English in preparation for their GCSES.


Can anyone tell us what DAFOREST stands for?


Year 7 learn about the Holocaust


We have been using our word builder town to make simple sentences. We used the article, a noun, a verb and puncuation to make silly sentences.

Making Coates of Arms

After meeting Sir Lancelot the Grand yeasterday, we decided our knights names and designed our Coates of Arms thinking carefully about the meanings for the symbols. This is Springwell @ Forest using their iPads to create them.


What would make a chair from? Jelly, rubber, wood or felt? We thought about silly and sensible ideas. We then tried making cups and rain hats from paper… Do you think they worked?