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Kirk Balk have enjoyed their trip to JUMP inc this morning.
Here are a few photos!

IMG_0100 IMG_0107 IMG_0109

Kirk Balk Christmas Meal

Yesterday was a fabulous day! Pupils arrived at 9 am to start preparing the food for their Christmas dinner. After 3 hours of chopping carrots, scoring sprouts and peeling potatoes we were ready!


Students then waited to greet guests at the entrance with a glass of coke or lemonade and invited them into the seating area to await the meal. After a starter of soup or melon, guests and students had a marvelous meal with all the trimmings, followed by homemade chocolate orange cheesecake!


Once the meal was over, the pupils cleared the tables and chatted with the guests. Guests included, Mrs Moxon, parents and Mrs Hall (an elderly lady from the local community who the pupils invited along.) Here is a card she sent us to say thank you!




Y8 winter art 

Y8’s art lesson was good today, this is their work.

Exploring adjectives to create descriptive sentences 

Year 7 Drama

Year 7 pupils have been practising their freeze frame skills by stepping in to an image and holding a pose. We then went on to some thought tracking. 

Horizon Christmas Meal Invitations – student showing off their ICT skills for GCSE Hospitality

Horizon AA

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Horizon AA as students enjoyed decorating the tree and room. 

Scene description

Today, Amy created an amazing scene description using CAMLETS to help form a picture in the reader’s head. 

Year 9 Elements 

Today pupils in Year 9 put Mr Sugden (the PE teacher in Kes) on trial for cruelty to children. The pupils formed the prosecution team and counter argued all of the defences’ points. They did a great job. Byron was fantastic as the judge too. All pupils are writing their own prosecution report too. 

Hospitality Work

Kirk Balk AA students have created some marvelous menus for their Christmas meal on Wednesday. The problem now is choosing between brownies or cheesecake!!!