Monthly Archives: November 2016

Special reward

Well done Lukas.

Lukas earned a special reward for over a weeks worth of excellent behaviour!

Lukas chose to, as a group, watch a bit of Secret Lives of Pets whilst eating popcorn!

Snow scenes

We have been making snowy mountain box scenes to use to plan yeti stories. They look great.

Visit from Andy Taylor

Andy has climbed Mount Everest and he came to primary to talk to us about it. It was very interesting, a bit disgusting and must have been frightening. We have written about the things we learned.

Year Nine Elements 

Year Nine pupils worked with Claire from Open Minds theatre company to hotseat some characters from Kes to build up a prosecution case for the upcoming trial of Mr Sugden. 

Exciting science in Primary 2

GCSE practise – Q2

Have a look at Harry’s fantastic start to the comparison question on a
practice GCSE English paper.


Mount Everest Conquered!

It was fantastic to have mountaineer Andy Taylor in Primary today talking to us about his Everest expedition. So inspiring!

Learning about Mount Everest

Primary 2 and Springwell @ Forest had a special visitor this morning. Andy climbed Mount Everest recently and shared some photographs and stories of his expedition. He even brought some equipment that he used to show us.

Year 9 Open Minds

Year 9 pupils experienced what life was like in a 1960s classroom to try to imagine what Billy Casper (the main character from Kes) had to endure.  One pupil was put out in the cold, one was ridiculed and made to stand in the corner and one was even caned!  IMG_1226

Jordan Visits Narnia

Jordan used Comic Book to immerse himself into his great writing. Well done Jordan 👍🏻