Monthly Archives: September 2016

Team building

Today we have been building team work skills!

Old MacDonald

We have made up our own versions of the Old MacDonald song, we had lots of fun changing the words and making films!




Naked Teaching Day

Year 9 pupils experienced what it would be like to live in a poorer country with no ICT and very little resources. Pupils chose to give up their desks and chairs for the morning to get the full experience. Pupils did their Maths and English lesson in a circle on the floor. 

Year 8&9 Drama

Pupils have been asked by a smoothie manufacturer to produce a TV advert for a new smoothie.  Pupils tasted the smoothie then started planning their advert. 

Making bugs

We love making bugs!

Letters to entomological society

We wrote back to Michael Jones to let him know we were sending him our data collection results.

Year 7 learn without using technology.


Food poetry 

Y8 wrote poems about their favourite foods using their senses to write great descriptions. 

Collaborative Art – Mini Beasts

Y8 sense poetry

In Y8 this week we are writing sense poems. We explored sense words and then wrote them into sentences in our books.