Monthly Archives: June 2016

More story plans

Big Write

WE started to plan our stories after finding something strange in the playground…..

Pandora’s Box

Terrell used book creator on th iPad to write his story.  This is it … Not quite posted in order!! 

More Sports Day Fun

The weather wasn’t on our side in the afternoon but Miss Dunwell made arrangements for the activities to carry on inside.

Thank you to all the parents, carers, grandparents, aunties and uncles who came to show their support. 

Also a huge thank you to all the PE department for arranging a fantastic fun day.

Colour Mixing

Primary 2 have created an Rio Olympic, Gold Medal using pastels. 

Primary 4 Sports Day Afternoon

Sports Day Fun

Primary 1 have enjoyed Sports Day fun this morning. 

Primary 4 Sports Day Morning 

Primary 2 have started to write up their mythical stories.