Monthly Archives: May 2016

Jilly Prepares To To Take Our Letters and Gifts To ‘The Jungle’

Jilly Riley is about to set off with a group of friends ‘We Are Wakefield’ to take music and fun to the refugee children in the Calais camp known as ‘The Jungle’.  Pupils in Classes 2 and 3 have written letters and sent gifts to the children in the hope that they will bring a little bit of joy.  


Year Eight English 

Year Eight pupils worked really hard to produce a modern day script for Macbeth. Well done!  


Primary 1 

We have really enjoyed learning about the wild animals and acting them out in our circle time. 

Perseverance and Growth Mindset

Kelvin has worked really hard over the last few weeks using his Growth Mindset to perfect his technique, and now looking to spin the ball like a professional!

Even encouraging staff when they were losing to him!

Wear it wild day

We have been face painting in Springwell@ Forest.

Space Health and Fitness 

Health and Fitness session, this week we decided to take ourselves outside and work hard in the new outdoor gym in Locke Park 

Creative Creation Stories 

Shakespeare Festival

Key Stage Three pupils had their dress rehearsal for their performance of Macbeth for the Shakespeare Festival.  The dress rehearsal went really well and everyone has worked extremely hard.  I am looking forward to the performance which is tomorrow at 10am.  Break a leg guys!  


Letters of support and donations for refugee children from class 2


Children in class 3 write letters of support to refugee children