Monthly Archives: April 2016

Opening Minds Day – Managing Stress


De-stress yourself

We have learning about stress.

This is how Jak wants to de-stress. 


Y7 mental wellbeing 

Today Y7 have considered what self esteem means and how to cope when you are feeling stressed. 



Macbeth play scripts 

Y7 have created an alternative ending to Macbeth and written it as a play script. 


Peer marking in Y7

Y7 are getting really good at marking one another’s work with positive comments and areas for improvement. They then use these comments to edit and improve their own work. 


Highfields PE

highfields pe lesson

Highfields pupils being put through their paces in last Thursday’s PE lesson. The girls used the hoops as a warm up exercise before moving onto gymnastics.

Comic Strips

Primary 1 have enjoyed using the app Bookcreater to make a comic strip retelling the famous story Jack and the Beanstalk.

Y7 Tudor medicines 

Y7 had a visit from a Tudor doctor today, who told them about how to cure all their illnesses. There were some disgusting medicines! 


Primary 2 Opening Minds – Managing Stress

Primary 2 enjoyed Bagshaw Museum.