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Design and Technology

Here is an image of Ella’s travel game, that she has created as part of her DT coursework. Can you guess what it’s called?Ella R&D

At Highfields one of our pupils follows a Vegan diet. On Friday we spoke about baking and what type of things Vegans can have, so over the weekend Miss Holliday made some chocolate vegan brownies. Here is a picture of the one’s she made earlier.vegan brownies blog

Year Eight Kagan

Year Eight worked in their Kagan pairs to decide what they would spend their aid budget on after a tsunami.  They had to work together and discuss each cost and give a reason why they would spend the money or why they wouldn’t.  


Year Eight Elements 

Year Eight worked with Simon from Open Minds to experience how they would react after a tsunami has struck. 


SEAL Lesson

In our SEAL lesson we have been looking at Resilience and not giving up. We decided to do this in a fun way and challenge the pupils to try and build a tower made from spaghetti and marshmallows. seal lesson spag tower 

spag tower 1

Year 7 explore tsunamis through games


Year 9 Tsunami recounts


Year 9 cooking 

year 9 have been focusing on tsunami’s and where they are most common in the world. From this year 9 looked in to the different types of food people ate around Thailand. We cooked a stir fry learning about different vegetables and how to prepare food before cooking them  


Survival equipment-what would you save?

This is what the boys at Springwell@Forest thought. Do you agree?