Monthly Archives: January 2016

Year Seven Drama 

In Drama Year Seven have been doing trust exercises. They put their trust in each other and were guided round the classroom blindfolded! Well done Year Seven!  


Year Nine Drama 

Year Nine finished rehearsing the last scene of ‘Joseph and his Brothers’ today.  Well done!  


Class 3 PSHE lesson: food groups


Class 3 science lesson: the digestive system


Primary 2 analysing a WABOLL in literacy. 


Year Eight SEAL 

Year Eight had a lovely SEAL session colouring pictures for our Buddhist display.  


Terrific Teeth!

We have learned the names of our teeth, the jobs they do and how to care for them. We also made some funny faces!   

James being motivated!

James is showing motivation and resilience by completed his 1000 word essay in nurture to meet the deadline. 


Y7 make nets of complex 3D shapes 


Y7 visit the Buddhist Centre

y7 went to Sheffield Buddhist Centre to explore the Buddhist way of life and engage in practical workshops.