Monthly Archives: November 2015

Year 9 Researching key events about world war 1!


A few action shots from primary 3 hockey!

We have been practicing hockey in PE for a number of weeks and now primary 3 have progressed into a full game!


Year 9’s playing an intense game of basketball


Primary 2 fraction pizza making 

In primary 2 this morning we have been making our own paper pizzas and working out what fraction of the pizza is covered by different toppings. Everyone worked really hard, well done boys! Jack Allen has created a pic collage to show our work.  


Y7 exploring sources in literacy 

We have been reading a range of sources to find out more about WW1 weapons.  


Primary 1 taking part in some invasion games


Social Stories

We have used Comic Book app to create social stories. We are really pleased with the results so far.

WW2 Play Scripts

 We have been working hard writing Play Scripts which tell the story of WW2 evacuees. 

To be or not to be, that is the question!

In English this week we have been learning all about Hamlet. As a class we read through the summary of the play and have been focusing on key words and quotes from the different sections. We talked about what it would feel like to be in Hamlet and Ophelia’s situations and whether their actions were necessary.

Have a look at our text analysis!

IMG_0294 IMG_0295

Bread Baking Bonanza!

In Catering this week, we’ve been creating our own loafs!
We followed advice from the Bread Master (Mr Paul Hollywood!) and created in the shape of squares, spheres and Levi even attempted a 7 stringed plait! It turned out fantastic and they all tasted amazing!

Take a look at our photos.

IMG_0279 IMG_0261 IMG_0229 IMG_0233