Monthly Archives: September 2015

Year Eight Maths

Year Eight worked hard this morning drawing bar charts as part of their handling data unit 


Exploring Disaster Zones with Open Minds

We were very surprised to find an Earthquake victim in our school this week. We discovered a lot about her and the terrible thing that had happened to her home. We want to help!   


Primary 4 have been having fun learning about Tangrams. We have designed different animals from the original shape.


Darton’s going healthy!

During Catering lessons, Darton AA have been working on “What makes a balanced diet?” We looked at all 7 of the food groups and talked about what you need to eat and drink to lead a healthy life. Here is some of the fantastic work we produced.


Pupil of the Day


Well done to Luke Saunders for being Primary 3 Pupil of the Day.  Luke had an amazing morning on Friday – showing us all how determined he is to have a settled and productive year.



Numeracy in Class 1

  Class 1 used their measuring skills to see how much they have grown during the holidays.

Well Done Darton!

What a fantastic start to the year here at Darton!
Pupils are eager to learn, willing to participate and have tried extremely hard in all tasks and lessons! We are extremely proud!

HUGE well done
from Mr Lloyd, Mr Parkinson & Miss Burdett 🙂 🙂

Well done Primary 3!

Well done to everyone in Primary 3 today.  It was your first day back at school after almost 7 weeks off.  Everyone came into class with a big smile and settled really quickly.  Throughout the day you joined in with all the games and activities with enthusiasm.  During Art and Science I was so proud to see you all engaged and putting in 100% effort.

A special ‘well done’ to Bailey Taylor who earned the most Dojo points and won a bar of chocolate.

I hope tomorrow is just as good as today!