Monthly Archives: June 2015

Jack flys high with the drone.


Jack  really enjoyed watching the drone go high up in the sky to film around school.

Y9 Art lesson

Today, year 9 enjoyed learning some sewing skills. Take a look at their pictures


Year Nine enjoyed learning survival skills.

Year Nine have learnt how to make a fire and build a shelter.  They are ready for anything now!  


Ship Wreck

Class 1 have been creating paintings of pirate ships sailng the seven seas.


High Jump

Class 1 have worked hard on their scissor jump technique in PE ready for Sports Day. 


Year Nine experiencing a ship wreck and being washed up on a desert island


Literacy with year 7 

Year 7 demonstrating a growth mindset; showing resilience to produce an original piece of story writing.


Year Nine have been researching their chosen career paths in PSHE 


Who will make a good navigator?

Class 1 have been looking at sailing a Pirate Ship. As we don’t want to get lost at sea or crash into another Pirate Ship we need a good navigator. All class 1 have mastered position and direction.

Who will be the new Captain? 


Science with year 7 and 8 

 Year 7 and year 8 working together using the Van der Graaf generator to explore static electricity. Hair raising business!