Monthly Archives: May 2015

Dragon Paintings

KS1 have designed and painted their own dragon characters. These dragons feature as the main character in their stories.


Taking our learning outside

KS1 went outside during Science. It was a little windy but they all managed to complete the table. 


Hot or Not?

In KS1 the children used their hands as a guide to feel the difference in temperature. 


Fund Raising for Guide Dogs

We have been raising money for the Guide Dogs by baking these delicious buns. Yum!


Ad action 

Tom from Adaction in Barnsley came to do a session with year nine about drugs and legal highs. 


How to save my dragon, by Levi

Levi has worked really hard to produce a story all about his dragon, please make a comment and suggest how he could improve his writing.

Amy is the Pupil of the Day

Amy is very happy that she won pupil of the day for her excellent behaviour and hard work she did yesterday. She’s hoping to get it a second day in a row! 


Attendance champions!

We in Primary 3 are very proud to be 100% champions this week! We hope that we can keep it up for the last week of term. 


Some of Primary 3 dragon paintings

Primary 3 have spent a very long time drawing and painting their very unique dragons. Some have yet to finish theirs but they’re coming along really nicely!  


Create like a Caveman!

We have been gathering stones, twigs and fur cones to create our very own cave paintings!