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Circus show in Primary 3

This term Primary 3 have the fun task of basing their Elements work around the theme of ‘Circus.’ This week they have been going back in history and learning all about the origins of the circus and discovering what circuses where like 2000 years ago in the Roman times. Did you know that the Circus Maximus could seat 300,000 people!

Fun Fact: The word circus is Roman for the word round! This explains why the circus big top is the shape it is!

image image image image




Springwell Football Victory


What a first match for Springwell.


The team did us proud today, by winning their first match.


They represented the school today, against Stone hill School Doncaster.


Well done ladies and gents! You did the school and yourselves proud.

Y9 – nurture SEAL session

Y9 have had a fantastic nurture session throughout this half term. The class is split into two groups, the first group have a 20 minute fitness session and the other group has a SEAL session. We alternate the groups daily.

This half term, we have been focussing on what motivates us. The pupils have produced posters using the iPads. We also play games which enforces team work and communication skills.

Have a look at our pictures.

craig thomas brandonkirkbride IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3653

Great D.T work


Jack produced some great work in D.T. He made sure he did plenty of research into the topic of marble runs and made a specification of all the features and materials used. He then used tihs work to produce his own marble run.