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Y9 immersive on “What it was like to be evacuated.”

This morning, Y9 enjoyed an immersive lesson on “What it was like to be evacuated.”

A big thank you to Miss Watts, Mr Cadman, Miss Kirkbride, Mr Ralphs and Miss Glyde for taking part and resourcing the lesson.

The pupils loved watching “Mary” and “Edward” being evacuated to the countryside. They took notes in their diary’s of the sights, sounds and feelings of the experience and had discussions around what they would take in their suitcase. We ended by drawing a story map to help them write in next week’s lesson.

Take a look at our pictures!

imersive ww21 ww23 ww24 ww25 ww26 ww27 ww28 ww230 ww231 ww232 ww233 ww234 ww235 ww236 ww237 ww238

Y9 Maths work.

This week, Y9 have been looking at Tangrams.

Students were asked to make rabbits, boats, even a running man out of all of the shapes given.

Everyone in year 9 definately used their growth mindset to complete this activity! They showed resilience and motivation throughout.

We loved the team work from everyone! Well done Year 9!!

maths1 maths2 maths3 maths4 maths5 maths6 maths7 maths8

Year 10 Reward Trip

Year 10 Class trip to the National Cycling centre

The year ten’s embarked on the journey of a life time, to the Manchester National Cycling Centre and what a day they had in store.

First on the cards was the Oylmpic BMX Bike and Stunt track, armed with helmets, pads and bikes, they took on the monsterous track, it was a concrete giant, just waiting to be defeated. IMG_0083

Twists, turns, and jumps, the class took to them like an eagle to the sky! Nothing phased them. Team Awesome strike again.

The next task was to tackle the Olympic Velodrome. As they walked in they were faced with the colossal track, fit for world champions;Including Sir Bradly Wiggins and Mr Brightmore , to name but a few.

Bike in hand and helmets ready the instructor led them on to the track, he gave them clear instructions.  Before they knew it, they were off.  Riding round the track, like hamsters in a wheel. The adrenalin of knowing they had no brakes or any other means of stopping suddenly urged them to keep going!

Finally as home time approached, everyone gathered in the entrance hall. Mr Mangham spotted the one and only Sir Bradly Wiggins the man himself, who can only be described as a very tall and gracious man. He walked over and posed for a photo, before carrying on with his visit.


The excitement of the day was clear to see, the kids and staff loved every minute! What a fabulous reward for a fantasic bunch of kids.

Well done year 10, this proves it pays to be  Team Awesome



Key Stage 4 Visit to National Cycling Centre, Manchester

IMG_0150 IMG_0063 IMG_0083 IMG_0104

Key Stage 4 had a brilliant day at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, we even bumped into the legend that is Sir Bradley ‘Wiggo’ Wiggins.


Our Immersive Environment in Primary 4

image image

We have enjoyed creating magical potions in out MacBeth themed immersive space.

Breaking News: Primary 2 interview King Henry VIII



My Alien Story about Doug, by Nathan Whitehead, aged 10

n1 n2

I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a comment about how it could be improved. Thanks

The Battle of Bosworth


Mason and Primary 3 have been using Comic Book to retell the events of the Battle of Bosworth.


Class 2 PE

This is some pupils from class 2 doing some excellent work in PE with Miss Dunwell.imageimageimageimage

Springwell FC

The last talks and tatics before the big game on Thursday. Good luck!imageimageimage