Monthly Archives: November 2014

Rocket designs

We did some research about what factors affect how rockets fly (aerodynamics and friction). Then we found out about how forces are used to make the rockets blast off. We used this research to help us to design some rockets to try on the rocket launcher. We will post a video next week to show you what happens when we put them on the air pump.Rockets

Anti-Bullying Week Reflections

It was really pleasing to see how well the Springwell pupils have responded to Anti-Bullying Week. Today in assembly Mr Mangham reminded us all about the importance of tolerance and respect. He particularly focused on people who have disabilities. The video showed us all that bullies are cowards and everyone has rights. I think it is important to realise that not everybody is ordinary. If you are not ordinary then you are extraordinary. Disability makes you extraordinary!

We must always remember to respect each other, be kind and enjoy what everyone has to offer and contribute to the school community.